10 August 2006

The government is reacting to the latest terrorism news with its usual ignorance and stupidity. George Bush (or his speechwriter) really needs to look up the definition of fascism. I haven't heard anything about home-grown terrorists wanting to set up an authoritarian state, and as we have seen, the Islamic fundamentalist movement is an international phenomenon, not a nationalist one.

In addition, Michael Chertoff announces that the plot was "an attempt to commit mass murder on an unimaginable scale," while the UK Home Secretary says that "loss of life of civilians would have been on an unprecedented scale." Let's see: they were planning on blowing up 10 planes, each carrying around 300 people each. Yep, using planes to kill 3,000 civilians is certainly unprecedented. Who could even imagine such a thing?

Maybe I'm just pissed because I'm supposed to fly tomorrow and now I have to leave work at 2 to make my 5.30 plane.

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