06 August 2006

So Alec, are you eagerly anticipating Snakes on a Plane? I mean, what could be better than Samuel L. Jackson and snakes? In the words of the Man Himself (according to Wikipedia):
I'm here tonight to present the award everyone's been waiting for: best movie. This award holds a special place in my heart because next year I'll be winning it for Snakes on a Plane. Now I know, I know that sounds cocky, but I don't give a damn. I'm guaranteeing that Snakes on a Plane will win best movie next year. Does not matter what else is coming out. New James Bond... no snakes in that! Ocean's 13... where my snakes at? Shrek the Third... green, but not a snake. No movie shall triumph over Snakes on a Plane. Unless I happen to feel like making a movie called Mo' Motha-fuckin' Snakes on Mo' Motha-fuckin' Planes."

There are some pretty hilarious videos about the movie on YouTube, including fake trailers, Christopher Walken, and the evolution of the story from The Diary of Anne Frank.

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