17 September 2006

According to the New York Times, Harvard's recent move to end early admission may actually have been motivated by self-interest. (Shocking, isn't it?) Here's my favorite paragraph:
Among those who were admitted to both Harvard and Duke—sometimes called the Harvard of the South—and who attended one of the two, about 3 percent picked Duke, according to the economists’ statistical model. Only 11 percent chose Brown, perhaps the trendiest Ivy League university in recent years, over Harvard. Princeton and Stanford win only about 25 percent of their battles with Harvard. Yale gives the stiffest competition, winning about 35 percent of the time, which in politics would be considered a crushing landslide.
Personally, I'm glad that I picked Harvard over Stanford. If I'd gone to Stanford, who knows what kind of weird fringe element I'd be sharing a blog with today?

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