08 November 2006

My thoughts:

  • Hooray!
  • Minnesota is not the liberal bastion it used to be, but things are not as bleak as they were a few years ago. Not they just need to repeal the stupid concealed weapons law.
  • How did a Democrat get 70% of the vote for Wyoming governor?
  • My representative (Barbara Lee) got 85% of the votes in her district. Talk about gerrymandering.
  • Ballot measures are also looking good: a parental notification law lost in California, the South Dakota abortion ban lost, and someone, somewhere (Arizona, to be precise) rejected a gay marriage ban. Unfortunately, Californians still refuse to tax anyone and instead passed about $50 billion of bond measures.
  • Berkeley passed a city resolution by a 2-1 margin calling for the impeachment of Bush and Cheney. There will always be a Berkeley.

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