30 January 2007

Ugh. I apologize for my absence from the blog - I just submitted the first draft of my law review article, the final draft of which is due in a month. I haven't had this much fun since Noah tried to steal my senior thesis on April Fool's Day by entering my room at about time I always woke up. His plan was foiled when I, in fact, woke up.

I actually contemplated skipping watching the Super Bowl this year, and immediately regretted the thought ever crossing my mind. I always enjoy Super Bowl memories. When I was writing my thesis, Super Bowl Sunday was the single best day in the whole three month writing period. I saw Almea, I almost broke her neck (not) teaching her to tackle, the Patriots won, and it gave me a much-needed day away from the thing. I'm not expecting as much from the Super Bowl this year (who could?) but it'll still be four fun hours away from my article that I'll remember for a while.

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