28 June 2007

Corinne Crawford, a UC Berkeley graduate student and a good friend, was killed earlier this week in a senseless accident. I got to know Corinne as a fellow Classics major in college, and was as impressed by her as anyone I ever met at Harvard. (Among other things, Corinne could read nine languages, including two forms of Akkadian that I didn't know existed.) We met at a college production of the play Wit, and a few days later, Noah and I went with Corinne to see a quirky little psychological thriller that had been getting some excellent reviews. She was an important part of my life for the rest of the year. I lost touch with Corinne after graduation, but she made occasional appearances in the lives of the people on this blog, and I'm bitterly sorry that we'll never know what else she might have achieved, if only she had been given more time. The world has lost an extraordinary person, for no good reason, and far too soon.

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