20 January 2008

First review of mystery hunt: Lots of Saturday puzzles, not very many Wednesday puzzles.

My favorite puzzle was either "Picture Puzzle" or the "political" black book meta.

Congratulations to the Bombers, and I'm glad they managed to finish it, because the hunt defeated us and we wouldn't have finished it even with another day. Thanks to the writing team for all the effort they put into writing and testsolving (the latter particular impresses me as the puzzles were really hard, but nonetheless seemed to have all been testsolved). I'm sure I'll have more to say later.


Catherine said...

I really enjoyed this hunt!

Edward Lee said...

I had to check who these "Bombers" were who won the mystery hunt. At first I thought the Burton Third Bombers won, which would have been completely absurd (unless the puzzles are somehow easier to solve while intoxicated).