30 January 2008

I'm guessing that the other bloggers and blog readers are experiencing an environment similar to the one I'm in - it seems like people all around me are extremely psyched for the Feb. 5 primaries. For the most part, my contemporaries are supporting Obama - but "supporting" isn't quite the right word. With the best candidates, it's more like falling in love. You hinge on their every word, can't wait to see their name or their picture again, and you would go to the ends of the earth for them. I'm sure some poet somewhere has written about love being the most powerful force in the world, and I think that's probably true (though attack ads might give love a run for its money).

Of course, Obama has a long way to go, and I give him even money to win the nomination. It'll be interesting to see how the, er, ardor of his supporters plays out in a general election. I don't see too many swooning volunteers on the Republican side of the ticket - outside of New Hampshire, I think most McCain supporters have chosen him as the "least bad" option. Ditto for Mitt Romney (and no one else matters anymore).


Anonymous said...

Can we assume that McCain takes the Republican nomination this time?
If so, who do you think is less likely to defeat him in a general election--Hillary or Barack? (It's only the audacity of cynicism that brings me to phrase it like that.)
What is really going on out west? The surveys and polls are no longer effective. Here in NH, we cannot properly gauge the mood of the nation; after all, we were the bellwether who changed from red to blue last cycle. We thought that the herd was behind us in sheeply array, but where are they really?
If voters' love for Obama truly shares the physiological and psychological symptoms of early-stage romantic attachment, then we can expect that the honeymoon will have ended before he even takes his vows.
Then again, warts and all is all we'll get if it's McCain vs. Clinton. Choose your warts.
Which one are you backing?

Anonymous said...

is this the second wife you are going to choose in UT?