14 February 2008

By the way, it's important to point out that Obama hasn't been winning caucuses and primaries because of his vision and charisma—it's because of his superior organization, both on the grassroots level and on the higher levels of technology, analysis, and strategy. Placed in an admirable position by good timing and high hopes, he didn't flame out like a Fred Thompson or Rudy Giuliani—he rose to the occasion. He followed through. Anyone who claims that Clinton is better at execution or specifics needs to explain why she's been consistently outmaneuvered by a guy she's trying to paint as a visionary milquetoast.


Anonymous said...

please Fred Thompson never even got the kindling to smoke -so couldn't have possibly flamed out.

Nat said...

According to Google, the only other use of the phrase "visionary milquetoast" on the internet is this old N.Y.Times movie review, where the phrase is used to describe the James Thurber character Walter Mitty:


Pretty good company, if you ask me.