02 May 2008

I can't say I ever expected a video of me shaving my legs to make in on Youtube.

(Last month I went with the UNM triathlon team to Tuscaloosa, Alabama for the collegiate national triathlon championship. Gatorade sponsored a contest for teams to shoot videos that featured Gatorade. I shaved my legs to help on the swim, which is a bad idea because they're still scratchy three weeks later.)


David said...

I'm assuming that it's just the poor quality of the video, but it looks like the tub you're shaving in is spattered with blood.

The real question is, did the shaved legs help your swim time?

nat said...

Yes, the electric beard trimmer was not that powerful. Nice effect, though.

Nat said...

Sorry for ignoring the second question. I don't know if shaving helped, because this was my first open water mile-long swim so I have no time to compare it to. Next race, though, I'm not going to be shaving.