30 July 2008

Yippee! I'm done with the bar exam, but not after it took two months of my life. Plenty has been said about bar exams already, but one positive that I took away was that I really did get to learn a lot of stuff that I wanted to learn in law school. Sure, I learned it in a superficial way (and I'm already on my way to forgetting much of it), but for a few fleeting moments I actually felt like I knew something about the law.

Anyhow, New Mexico has a high pass rate (you could invert that statement and say we have lower standards than some states) so I'm not too worried about failing, but there was enough wacky stuff on there that one can never be too sure. Thankfully I have one month of freedom before I return to the folds of the gainfully employed, and I aim to enjoy it. First, I'm going to watch the Dark Knight and play minature golf. Then, I'm going to disappear into the mountains of Colorado for a week. After that, I'm not sure, but I'll think of something.


Tamara said...

Awesome! Congrats, and enjoy the free time!

David said...

Congrats! When you're playing mini-golf, if your ball gets stuck in the plastic tubing, don't try to blast it out by throwing another ball in. That could backfire.

Marshall said...

Nat, you are so quick to implicitly rule out another possible implication of New Mexico's high passage rate: a particularly well-prepared or high quality applicant pool.