21 August 2008

Some readers may remember that I have, in my youthful days, used microwaves to put on light shows. Rumor has it I also have some experience with grease fires.

I was reminded of this when I read these comments on the Volokh Conspiracy, a law professor blog. The original post remarked that many household cleaners have a warning that failure to follow the directions is a violation of federal law; the blogger was curious what federal law that might be (the best suggestion was FIFRA, which regulates pesticide use). Many commentors, however, decided to speculate about which federal laws they could violate with cleaners and other household products. It looks as if there's some pretty potent explosives you can make; lest any readers worry, however, I think my pyromaniacal days are behind me.


am said...

WHAT!? your fire loving days are behind you? what about the malaria doll hidden in the sauce pan tonight? or the balloons in the oven? or the "macaroons"? I think you are far from calling yourself clean and on the wagon.

Nat said...

The malaria doll and the macaroons had nothing to do with setting things on fire, and the balloons were unintentional.