12 November 2003

Yep, more lists: Men's Journal picks The 50 Best Guy Movies of All Time. Only the top ten movies are listed on their site, but their choices seem reasonable, given the criteria they've set down:
We believe that a true guy movie is a movie only a guy can love. A crucial distinction. Pop one into the DVD player and your wife or girlfriend should run screaming from the room. We frown upon films that are too serious or sensitive. The Deer Hunter got KO'd despite lengthy elk hunting and torture scenes because Meryl Streep was in it. Sure, she's a great actress, but rules are rules: no films with Meryl Streep.
Which is too bad, because The Deer Hunter is the racist, violent, borderline fascist guy movie of all time. I haven't seen the rest of the list, but their criteria would also seem to disqualify L. A. Confidential, my own top choice, because despite its violence and fascination with the masculine code, it's still a movie that even a mother could love. I'm curious about the rest of the list, though. Did they include The Searchers? The Wild Bunch? Glengarry Glen Ross?

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