25 August 2004

As several of you probably know, the trailer to Garden State is my favorite trailer ever. I've been watching it frequently for months. At any rate, I finally saw the whole film today, and it lived up to the promise of the trailer. That is not to say that its my favorite film or anything, its still something that works much better in trailer form, but it was more or less the movie that I hoped it would be after seeing the trailer. It's visually a fun film to watch. The characters are fascinating. Natalie Portman is adorable. And, to quote Jack Black, the soundtrack kicks fucking ass. Sadly, the last 10 minutes are pretty disapointing. But otherwise it was highly worth seeing.

The highlight for me though, was when I knew we were approaching the moment that was the key moment in the trailer. I expected good music from this film, but I expected good music that I'd never heard. In this scene I was surprised to hear one of my top five songs. But the one of them that I never remember about. It was a delightful surprise and went well with the scene.

Which song? Well, you'll just have to see the film I guess.

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