08 November 2004

Thanks to Bessie for this article on indie pop band The Postal Service, which ran into some trouble with the real U.S. Postal Service over copyright infringement. As part of the resulting deal, they've signed an agreement to try and persuade people in their teens and twenties that it's still cool to use snail mail. (You can also buy their CD on www.usps.com.) This isn't as ridiculous an arrangement as it might initially seem: the band has already been known to endorse the proper use of return addresses.

Incidentally, The Postal Service seems to have succeeded Moby and Outkast as this year's source of ubiquitous movie trailer music: their songs are used to great effect in the trailers for Imaginary Heroes and Garden State (the full trailer, mind you, not the famous teaser trailer that left Noah gobsmacked).

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