08 November 2004

Well, UHS did it again. I fell ill with a fever ten days ago, and soon developed a deep cough as well. Last Monday I went to UHS, where the NP told me I probably had the flu, gave me some cough medecine, and said there was little I could do other than rest and drink fluids. When I didn't feel any better by Friday (same cough, same fever) I went back, a different NP checked me out, said it was almost certainly the flu, definitely not pneumonia, and gave me an inhaler to help me breathe. Three more days, no improvement. I went back today, they asked the same questions, I gave the same answers, but this time they decided to do a chest x-ray to see if there's anything in there. Sure enough, the doctor took one look at the x-ray and said "Look at all that fluid in there...you've definitely got pneumonia." So ten days and three visits later I finally have an antibiotic, and you might even see me out of the house in a couple of days.

At least I'm not pregnant.

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