26 March 2006

On Friday morning I hurt my back in Yoga class. I couldn't sit up or move without sharp pain, so the gym staff called an ambulance. The (very nice and professional) paramedics gave me morphine and took me in an ambulance to the hospital, where I lay for a long time (in the hallway, because they had no more rooms), was given more painkillers, and once I could walk again I was let go. I've been resting and recovering since; today I made it out of the house and even smiled a little bit. But I'm not really ready to sit in a plane for six hours and then try to deal with mass transit, so I unfortunately have to cancel my upcoming New York trip.

I was very lucky that Torrey was in Berkeley and could be with me throughout my ordeal. She took some pictures of me looking pathetic in the hospital. Some questions that might cross your mind as you look at them:
  • What is the tube going to my nose attached to?
  • Why is the IV bag empty?
  • When did I get eight chins?
  • Where is the Yoga mat now?

Ironically, I took up yoga recently as a way to strengthen my body, increase my flexibility, and prevent injury.

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