26 March 2006

Tonight is my last evening in India. I just got back from watching the sunset on Marine Drive in Bombay, which gives you a beautiful view of the city. It's been an awful, wonderful, exhausting, crazy trip. In spite of everything, I'm going to miss India, but I'm really looking forward to doing all of the following once I get back to New York:
1. Taking my first hot shower in three weeks.
2. Seeing Inside Man.
3. Picking up the new Morrissey album.
4. Figuring out what the heck happened on 24 while I was gone. (Is the First Lady still alive?)
5. Sleeping in my own bed, with my own $6.99 synthetic fill pillows from Target. (Indian pillows have left me unimpressed.)
All this, and Dave Freeman, too. (He'll be in New York on Tuesday.) Man, I can't wait to get home.

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