20 May 2006

The reason for the delay in making the last post, by the way, was because I started my summer job at the N.M. Supreme Court this week. I officially had the worst first day ever (even worse than my first day with the "Summer Jobs to Save the Environment" people): I had to call in sick with a fever. If I were an employer and someone were to call in sick on their first day, I would certainly have a lot of alarm bells going off in my head. Thankfully they didn't fire me (possibly because they're not paying me) and my second and third days went very well.

To all of you law students who read the blog (all one of you), all I have to say so far is I'm surprised that "felony murder" and "merger" come up all the time in situations that law professors would be proud to think up. I had previously thought those complicated exams were a silly exercise; now I see they're actually somewhat helpful. Who knew?

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