09 August 2006

After seeing Wordplay, I inevitably went and signed up for the New York Times premium crossword site, and I've been having a great time going through the archived puzzles. The process, needless to say, has instilled me with a whole new level of respect for the crossword fanatics featured in that excellent movie. (Two minutes to solve a puzzle? It takes me that long just to read the clues.)

Anyway, I was just going through the July 18, 2006 puzzle, in which the clue for 35-across (seven letters) is "35, 3/4, pi, square root of -1...or a word that follows the starts of 17-, 27, 43- and 58-across." The answer (spoiler alert) is NUMBERS, and the answers for the clues indicated are WHOLE WHEAT BREAD, RATIONAL THOUGHT, REAL ESTATE AGENT, and IMAGINARY FRIEND.

I was about halfway through this crossword when I thought to myself, "Hmmm, I'll bet I know the guy who wrote this puzzle." I checked the name of the author and, yep, I was right. Some people are so predictable.

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