09 August 2006

Ned Lamont has pulled the first upset in Campaign '06, and Joe Lieberman appears to be reacting with his characteristic stubbornness and air of denial. For my part, I'd have preferred Lieberman to win; it's not like the Senate Democrats have enough votes to influence anything Iraq-related anyway, and I don't think it's a particularly good thing for the party to be knocking off incumbents in primaries.

That said, Lieberman is a moron. I expect Charles Schumer is going to start sending him dead fish in the mail this week, and when that doesn't work, Schumer will put a horse's head in Joe's bed. When that fails, I think Joe's daughter will be kidnapped. That will fail as well. Lieberman is categorically incapable of acknowledging that he was/is wrong. I eagerly await the early general election polls to see the impact of his intransigence.

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