29 September 2006

As I become more and more of an absent-minded mathematician, I've taken to carrying around an index card with me, where I write down things I have to do or things I want to look up when I'm not on the computer at the moment. Not only does it help me remember to do things, but at the end of the day it helps me remember what I've done. More than once Torrey has asked, "So, what did you do today?" and I replied, "Not much," then looked at my card and said, "Actually, I did a whole bunch of stuff!" (Or in true Dave fashion, "Oh, look at all the stuff I didn't get done.")

In any case, I received a request to post the contents of yesterday's card. To oblige my loyal fan, here it is.

  • Call the eye doctor and ask why I haven't received my new contact lenses (ordered two weeks ago) yet.
  • Talk to the program manager here at Fields and report what an abysmal hotel the Days Inn Toronto is.
  • Email friends to talk about plans for New Year's 2008.
  • Talk to officemate about lodging options in Toronto for when I come back in November.
  • Renew my bicycle (loaned out through an awesome program called BikeShare).
  • Find out who the Canadian Prime Minister is. (Turns out to be a guy called Stephen Harper. Who knew? The last one I remember is Jean Crétien.)
  • Find out what time Yoga classes are on Friday.
  • Blog.

Today's list includes "Return keys," "Check in for flight," and "Learn about plaque." Also, I just discovered that "Buy cottage cheese" appears on the list twice.

(In another sign that I'm going to be a real mathematician soon, I spent 5 minutes this morning storming around the apartment looking for my keys, which turned out to be in my pocket the whole time.)

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