29 September 2006

I've been listening to the CBC as I get ready for work in the morning. It appears to be something like NPR Lite -- in each hour there's about 25 minutes of news, 25 minutes of fluff, and 10 minutes of weather, traffic, and sports. While listening, I get tickled every time they announce that a program is "Coming up this afternoon at 4 -- 4:30 in Newfoundland." It turns out that Newfoundland is in its own time zone, a half hour later than the other Maritime provinces (and an hour and a half ahead of New York). Which leads to the question -- what's the point of having your own time zone if you just have to wait an extra half hour for everything?

On the program this morning I heard an excellent response to what could be a very tricky question. Someone was reporting on a local photography exhibit, and she asked the host, "What would you do if someone asked you to take a picture of an `ethnic person'?" After a couple of "um"s, the host (who sounds pretty white) responded, "Well, to someone from Sri Lanka I'm an ethnic person." Would you have come up with that on the spot?

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