25 February 2007

I plan on reaping a lot of money from this year's Oscar pool, and since I don't think that any regular readers of this blog are coming to my Oscar party tonight, I'll post my predictions now:
Best Picture: Little Miss Sunshine
Best Director: Martin Scorsese (Note: I've predicted Scorsese every year that he has been nominated since this blog began. This time, however, I'm right.)
Best Actor: Forest Whitaker
Best Actress: Helen Mirren
Best Supporting Actor: Eddie Murphy
Best Supporting Actress: Jennifer Hudson
Best Original Screenplay: Little Miss Sunshine
Best Adapted Screenplay: The Departed
Last year, if you'll recall, I picked all of the major categories correctly (including Crash for Best Picture). If it weren't for the toss-up in Best Picture, I'd be almost sure of doing it again. You can thank the shortened campaigning season for a nearly complete lack of surprises. But hey, you never know...

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