13 September 2008

I've become settled in my new digs in Salt Lake City. It's really a lovely place, and there's a standing invitation for anyone who wants to visit to ski, hike, or go to the Sundance Film Festival.

A couple of initial thoughts:

1) There are tons of bees here. It's the state symbol, and so I guess there are a lot of beekeepers. If that much-dreaded bee extinction is still a problem somewhere else, they know where to get extras.

2) There's no Trader Joe's here, which is deeply unfortunate. Rumor has it they won't come here because of our wacky restrictions on liquor sales. This confirms my suspicion that Trader Joe's is really a liquor store with good snacks.


Anonymous said...

Look out. Bees are angry these days. Losing liquidity, contemplating mergers, hunkering down for the hard times ahead.

Nat said...

My co-workers were incredulous when I said I was afraid of being stung. They said that only wasps sting, not bees. I protested that I had been stung before, but it didn't do much good.

Dave said...

TJ wouldn't open in Minnesota for a long time because of the liquor restrictions. They have a store there now, so perhaps there's hope.