02 September 2008

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but I've been busy, among other things, catching up on The Wire. I just finished the third season (out of five), and it's great. But the trouble with watching a television series that follows a single epic storyline over the course of sixty episodes is that you can't read anything about it in the press, for fear of learning crucial plot points. For the better part of a year now, I've been extremely careful about avoiding spoilers for The Wire—shunning Wikipedia's coverage of the show and not even reading the recent New Yorker profile of its creator—and I've done pretty well.

Until now. A few minutes ago, I learned that a popular character, to quote my source, "is murdered in the antepenultimate episode of the series." And where did I learn who this character is?

It's the answer to 58-Down in today's New York Sun crossword puzzle.

Aaaargh! Why, Peter Gordon, why?

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drew said...

Told you so. I guess you don't read my blog... anyway, let me know if you want to borrow seasons 4-5, which I have the sets of.

Oh, and it's even better when you know black people!